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Version 9

Computer software for pigeon loft management

Supply your name or loft name, what you want to appear on printouts. Normally this is <Your Name>'s Loft Management System, but if you want something different, tell us. It will be entered by us and cannot be changed.

Version 9 requires XP,Vista, Windows 7, 8, or 10


The 'LOFT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM' is £55 per copy.

Payment from outside the UK by cheque should be by international money order drawn on a UK bank.

Cheques to be payable to: East Coast Software

Ordering ~ Order by post from:                                               

East Coast Software, 15 Allendale Tee, New Marske, Redcar, Cleveland TS11 8HN England

                ~ Order on-line below:

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Copyright © 2017 East Coast Software: dBase© is a dBase LLC.  product.

Last revised: October 22, 2017.

Pedigree and race system Keep records of all your birds with pedigrees going back as far as you have data for. Include a photograph with your records. Allow young, unsexed birds to be entered then altered as they become sexable. Keep free form notes about your birds which are printed out along with the pedigree. Choice of eight different pedigree print outs, four portrait and four landscape. One portrait and one landscape pedigrees include the bird's photograph, one portrait and one landscape includes the bird's parent's photographs (fine for selling young birds) and one landscape shows the pedigree to four generations. Click here for a view of the different pedigrees available. Any of the pedigrees can be saved in HTM format for posting to a web site. The HTM format pedigrees can be automatically attached to an email for posting to prospective buyers. Preview your pedigrees before printing. Keep records of the results of all your birds in all races entered with velocities calculated.

The bird details form has pages to show hatchings and any race results for that bird for the current year and for any archived years.

Export / Import a birds pedigree. This feature allows a bird's pedigree to be transferred from one copy of LMS to another when a bird is sold or purchased. This feature saves the purchaser from having to type in the pedigree details for his new bird.

Performance rated system / At-a-glance ratings for birds Points are awarded depending upon the position a bird comes in a race, to generate ratings for each bird. Eight different ratings for your birds; Loft, Club, Fed and Combine for Open and Section results. Use this generated information to help you decide which birds to pair and which birds to bet on.

Race sheets with pools totalled Produce race sheets with automatic totalling of birdage, pools and competitions. The race sheet is very user-definable. Details of pools, birdage, clocking costs for as many clubs you fly in can be saved and applied to the race sheet

Start points and distances for all races Record the start points and their distances from your loft for all races and notes for each bird and each race. Record the numbers of Club, Federation and Combine birds in each race. Keep free form notes about each race - the weather conditions etc. which will be printed out along with the race results.

Pairings, layings and hatchings At the start of the breeding season, you can pair birds and record all details of the pairings - when eggs were laid, when they hatched, what ring numbers you put on the youngsters. Transfer this data automatically to the pedigree part of the system and archive each year's data for perusal in future years.

Browse the descendants of any bird Use this, along with bird ratings, to help you decide which birds to breed from.

A certificate can be produced showing which birds have been vaccinated and detailing the vaccine used. Automatically insert notes of vaccinations into the diary facility and into each vaccinated bird’s notes.

List your birds according to sex, sire, dam, colour, strain, eye colour, hatch date and nest box.

Diary/reminders A diary/reminder facility has been included for the users convenience. Make notes of when entry fees are due and you will get automatic reminders.

Easy to use with built-in help When you are using the system, context-sensitive help can be obtained by pressing F1 when in any form . Help contents can be browsed.

Version 9 updates are free and are installed automatically if you are on-line. There is also an “auto updater” that you can use to go on-line to check whether updates are available then download them.

There is a tip-of-the-day that reminds you of the many facilities available in The Loft Management System.

You may have several forms open at the same time. If you fly in more than one club, you can open the “choose race birds” form as many times as you have clubs and choose which birds to send for which club, watching the lists and the costs all at the same time.

Version 9 has a number of new features.

An improved backup feature which includes an ‘Autobackup’ facility. The ‘Autobackup’ is run every time the software is closed down and it performs some error checks on the data files so if you have a problem with the files this ‘Autobackup’ is not run. This means that the ‘Autobackup’  will always be reliable. However as this backup is on the same drive as the software if you have a disk crash it will be lost. An independent backup on a USB drive is still essential.

A facility to keep a list of contacts and email these contacts. This also includes address label generation for those contacts.

A ‘font’ selection option for all printed reports. You can choose from whatever fonts are loaded on your computer. If you choose a wide font however the results may be unpredictable.

A feature to change the display appearance and colours.

N.B. Version 8 replacement discs are no longer available.