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Computer Software for Greyhound Racing

Store details of your greyhounds and their ancestry.

Store photographs or scanned images of your dogs.

Print pedigrees from a choice of 6 in either 4 or 5-generations with the dog’s photo, its parents’ photos or without photos.

Store details of all races your greyhounds run in.

Keep all the details that you see on a race card and more.

Order the results by date – latest form first, or by dog – each dog’s results together.

Print out the race results for any dog or all dogs,  any venue or all venues,  between any two dates or for all dates.

This software encapsulates all the required data for owners to take responsibility for form.

Supply your 'racing' name, what you want to appear on printouts when ordering.  It will be entered by us and cannot be changed.

Software is compatible with Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7.


The 'GREYHOUND RACING PROGRAM' is £20 per copy.

Payment from outside the UK by cheque should be by international money order drawn on a UK bank.

Cheques to be payable to: East Coast Software

Ordering ~ Order by post from:                                           

East Coast Software, 15 Allendale Tee, New Marske, Redcar, Cleveland TS11 8HN England

                ~ Order on-line below:

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