Federation Secretaries System

Version 6



Computer software for a pigeon club or federation race management
Easy to use with built-in help.




Federation or club system with storage for over a million entries of
Members, clubs, liberation sites, race types and races per season. Liberation sites already entered.
Up to £999.99 for each pool


Record all races for the season or delete after the objection date has passed - you choose.
Assign up to 10 pool values with splits for up to 5 birds sharing the pool.
Points can be awarded to up to the first 40 birds with the points money distribution defined as you want



Automatic calculation of points money distribution according to your definitions.

"Pools taxes" can be set to what you want removed to organisation coffers.

Record as much or as little detail about each member as is needed.
Print address labels for all/chosen members Define race types as required e.g. OB Inland, YB, Channel etc



Record weather conditions and edit race details as required.
Can cope with more than one race on the same day.
Record numbers of Combine, Federation and Club birds in each race.
Can cope with 1, 2 or 3-day races
Results velocities automatically calculated and sorted by velocity


Includes an interface with Unikon and Benzing ETS systems, which will transfer a list of birds to the members clock, transfer a list of races to a members clock and read loft arrival times into a race result from the members clock. Setting a limit to the number of birds entered in the race result if required

Feature to export a result from a ‘marking station’ and import that result to a central computer to correlate results



Print up to 99 copies of the results of up to the fastest however many birds you require in either the complete federation or in each club in the federation
Send out any messages you require, printed on the results sheet
Print out the pools money winners and the points money winners after each race.
Print bird-of-the-year table and top loft point scorers for all race types you have defined at the end of the season or after any race
Print end-of-year averages for any race types defined and end-of-year winners for prize night


Calculate results for two and three bird races based on the average velocity of nominated birds

Cater for nominated birds. Any number of nominated birds with any number to count


Clear old race data out at the end of the season or clear any race or races when you choose.
A simple accounting system lets you keep simple accounts of income and outgoings and print these accounts between any two dates
A velocity calculator is included to check any velocities not calculated automatically e.g. training flights.
A diary/reminder facility has been included for the users convenience

The results can be saved in HTM format for posting to a web site and the HTM file can be attached to an email for distribution

Certificates can be printed for race winners and placed birds

Set a 'font' for reports and exported files

Import members RPRA distance files

A ‘great circle’ distance calculator, which will calculate the distance from a liberation site to a members loft, given the co-ordinates of each

Tip of the day displayed on start up to give additional help on system features

Facility to open more than one form at a time

Automatic backup and manual backup/restore. Improved error handling

Updates for version 6 are automatic. This requires an internet connection when using the software


All of the above plus:

Does everything the FedSec System does with the addition of fixed and variable numbers of winners in pools. Assign up to 14 pool values with up to 10 birds sharing.

Define sections and allocate clubs to sections Fed/Open and section pools

Allocate how many prizes to each section and to Fed/Open

Print as many results as you like with Fed/Open and section pools and prize monies won.

HTM file generated for Fed/Open winners for upload to club/fed website.

Club name MUST be given when ordering as this is coded into the software supplied and cannot be changed.

Version 6 requires Windows  XP, Vista, Windows 7 , 8 or 10



FSS Demonstration software ~ click to download.

FSS Professional Demonstration software ~ click to download.

Instruction Manual

    FSS ~ click to view.


'FEDERATION SECRETARY SYSTEM Professional' is £160 per copy.
Payment from outside the UK by cheque should be by international money order drawn on a UK bank.
Cheques to be payable to: East Coast Software

Ordering ~ Order by post from:
East Coast Software, 15 Allendale Tee, New Marske, Redcar, Cleveland TS11 8HN England



FSS ordering options



Club / Fed. name 
FSS Prof. ordering options



Club / Fed. name 

Please note version 5 of FSS is no longer available and replacement discs for version 5 cannot be suplied.

Velocity Calculator ~ Click to activate.




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