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Computer software for the club secretary

The CLUB MEMBERSHIP SYSTEM is designed to keep a record of members contact details and membership payments.

Version 4

Record each members' contact, address details, photograph and GDPR preferences

Easily printout a members recorded details upon that members request complying with the data protection act.

Use the postcode area code to select the town location of the address and save typing.

Import records from standard formats. eg Excel spreadsheet, text file, DBF file

Facility to keep a record of club locker allocation.

Facility to keep a record of Room Bookings, raise an itemised invoice for the booking and keep track of payments made in respect of that invoice. The invoice will include VAT on entry of your registration number.

A summary of Room Booking payments.

A weekly summary of Room Bookings indicating when a room is available for booking.

Multi-Data-Interface (MDI) allows more than one form to be opened at any one time with member tracking between forms.

Interface with Progeny Access Control System for security access. Details of which can be obtained by visiting the website at http://www.progeny.co.uk/

Use members recorded details to print address labels, membership cards, issue membership renewal reminders and receipts.

Members names and addresses can be exported to Excel or a text (TXT) file for mail merge with Word.

Summary lists of members with user selectable details can be displayed, printed, saved to an HTM, Excel. format or a text (TXT) file and attached to an email.

Saved lists of members can also be used with other third party software e.g. Microsoft Office.

Members renewal information, payments and details of payments can be easily entered and viewed.

A summary of membership fees paid over any period can be easily displayed, printed, saved to an HTM, Excel. format or a text (TXT) file and attached to an email.

Members attendance records can be easily entered, viewed and printed.

A summary of attendance records can be viewed for members over a specified period.

Diary and reminder feature are included for keeping track of club events.

Print preview feature on all printed reports allowing printing of all pages, selected pages and multiple copie

Select a font for printing reports and membership cards

A club logo can be used on printed reports.

Virtually unlimited  number of  members can be catered for.

Automatic update feature keeps this version of software up to date with any additions or changes. An internet connection is required for this feature.

Compatible with Windows XP, Vista,Windows 7 , 8 & 10

 Contact East Coast Software at 'customers@EastCoastSoftware.co.uk' if you have any questions.

The 'Club Membership System' is £20 per copy.

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