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Computer software for professional cat pedigrees

Almost unlimited numbers of cats and breeds can be stored.

Enter details of all your cats ONCE, including photographs if required, identifying its Sire and Dam Details include breed, colour, registration number, registration date, championship status, breeders name and address and owners name.

Let the computer link the generations at the touch of a button. Pedigrees are displayed to three generations and printed to four.

There is a choice of four pedigree printouts. Four and five generation, with and without the photographs of the sire and dam of the chosen cat. Champions are coloured red, non-champions in black. The font type used on the printout is selectable.

When printing the pedigree you have the option of saving the pedigree in HTM format as a web pedigree and the option of attaching the generated HTM file to an email.

Details of shows entered and honours won by each cat.

A Contacts database for keeping track of names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses etc of useful contact groups and the facility to print address labels.

Incorporates GCCF breed numbers. Future changes to GCCF numbers can be edited into the system.

A diary/reminder facility has been included for the users convenience.  

Easy to use with built-in help.

The logo displayed in the top right hand corner can be changed by the user for any image of their choice. The only proviso being that it must be square or it is likely to be distorted. The name (banner) above the title 'Certificate of Pedigree' can be any image chosen by the user or it can be left off completely.

Supply your prefix/cattery name, what you want to appear on printouts when ordering.

It will be entered by us and cannot be changed.

Version 2 is compatible with Windows  XP, Vista or Windows 7,8 or 10.


The 'CAT PEDIGREE SYSTEM' is £20 per copy.

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