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Computer Software for the Management/Showing of

Cage Birds

Version 2

Keep records of all your birds with pedigrees going back as far as you have data for. Include a photograph with your records. Keep free form notes about your birds.

Print any of five pedigrees. One is in portrait mode, four in landscape. The pedigrees can show a photo of the bird or photos of the bird’s parents – good for selling youngsters.

Keep records of all shows entered and results for each bird.

Pairings, layings and hatchings. At the start of the breeding season, you can check proposed pairs for the amount of inbreeding, you can record all details of the pairings - when eggs were laid, when they hatched, what ring numbers you put on the youngsters. Transfer this data automatically to the pedigree part of the system and archive each year's data for perusal in future years.

List/Print the descendants of any bird.

List/Print your birds by colour, hatch year, sex, breeder and/or whether they are show birds.

Choose your font for printed lists and pedigrees

You control the contents of drop-down lists for colours, breeders, show venues and show classes. Have what you want to appear.

ontains a diary/reminder where you can enter whatever you want a reminder for and how far ahead you want it to remind you.

Easy to use with built-in help. Press the F1 key in any form to get context-sensitive help or browse the help system.

Supply your aviary name, what you want to appear on printouts. Normally this is <Your Name>'s Cage Bird System, but if you want something different, tell us. It will be entered by us and cannot be changed.

This software is compatible with XP, Vista , Windows 7,8 or 10


The 'CAGE BIRD SYSTEM' is £20 per copy.

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